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16 June 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Launch Event “Joining Forces for the Energy Transition in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture”

Please note that the Event will be broadcasted via web streaming on the “LIVE” page of this website.

The registration to the physical event is closed, if you are interested in the topic you can also contact us via the e-mail : MARE-ENERGY-TRANSITION@ec.europa.eu.

The high-level conference Joining Forces for the Energy Transition in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture will be the start of new stakeholder cooperation on the energy transition in the sector. Join for a day of panel discussions, pitches and networking with speakers including from the fisheries and aquaculture sector, European institutions, research, financial institutes on the topics of stakeholder cooperation, finance, technology, innovation, skills and more.

It will be the moment to launch the process of establishing the new Energy Transition Partnership for the fisheries and aquaculture sector. The Conference will bring together all the stakeholders that are needed to act together to accelerate the transition towards a resilience and climate-neutral sector by 2050.

With the registration for the conference, stakeholders can also express their interest in participating in the Energy Transition Partnership and keep informed of the ongoing developments of the Partnership.

The conference will bring together key stakeholders to:

  • Generate broad interest in the for the Energy Transition Partnership, gathering the first community of actors and boosting further adhesions to the Partnership;
  • Start a dialogue about opportunities and challenges within the sector;
  • Mobilise actions and measures to contribute to a roadmap with concrete and feasible actions to accelerate the transition in the sector;
  • Showcase concrete examples of initiatives from stakeholders, and give visibility to the projects and best practices on energy transition.

The energy transition in EU fisheries and aquaculture

The current energy intensity and reliance on fossil fuels makes the fisheries and aquaculture sector vulnerable to increases in energy prices, which became especially clear during the high energy prices in 2022. By strengthening the fuel efficiency and ultimately switching to alternative and low-carbon energy sources, the sector can grasp the opportunities of an energy transition towards a more resilient and sustainable sector.

On the 21st of February 2023 the European Commission published a Communication on the Energy Transition in EU fisheries and aquaculture setting out concrete next steps for supporting the sector in the energy transition. Read more about these next steps and best practices on energy transition in the sector.

    The Energy Transition Partnership

    Currently, several technical, financial, regulatory, and other barriers prevent many EU fishers, aquaculture producers and other stakeholders from accelerating in the transition. Working together with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve concrete and practical solutions is therefore essential for making the transition.

    The Energy Transition Partnership aims to invite all stakeholders to work together on a voluntary basis bringing forward the energy transition in the sector. It will be the platform for stakeholder dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing. Stakeholders expressing interest in the Partnership will participate in dialogue and workshops of different themes, and will will be engage in the process to propose a roadmap with practical solutions to accelerate the energy transition in the sector.

      Who can participate

      All concerned stakeholders with a link to the energy transition in the fisheries and aquaculture sector are welcome to join and to engage under the Energy Transition Partnership. This includes stakeholder from the fisheries and aquaculture sector; the ancillary activities sector; the processing sector; fishing port authorities; shipbuilders; gear manufacturers; NGOs; research organisations and academia; financial institutions; the energy sector; and national and regional public authorities.

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