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16 June 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Launch Event “Joining Forces for the Energy Transition in EU Fisheries and Aquaculture”

The Energy Transition Partnership objective is to be a multi-stakeholder platform that will primarily act as a means to promote and facilitate the discussion and cooperation between stakeholders of all relevant topics related to the sector in scope of the energy transition, including knowledge sharing exchange, promotion and scaling-up of good practices. The Partnership aims to bring together all stakeholders to accelerate the energy transition in the sector, and deliver on a roadmap for the energy transition in the sector, with specific, measurable, and realistic milestones and actions. The Partnership strives for bringing together the broadest range of stakeholders, notably from the fisheries and aquaculture sector; the ancillary activities sector; the processing sector; fishing port authorities; shipbuilders; gear manufacturers; NGOs; research organisations; financial institutes; the energy and maritime transport sector; relevant EU agencies such as EMSA and EFCA, and national and regional public authorities.

Closed since 5 June 2023
Location Musée Art & Histoire, Brussels, Belgium
Organised by
Belgium 91
Spain 28
France 28
Netherlands 12
Denmark 11
Ireland 9
Italy 8
Greece 7
Portugal 6
United Kingdom 4
Germany 3
Bulgaria 3
Luxembourg 2
Slovenia 2
Estonia 2
Romania 1
Austria 1
Hungary 1
Sweden 1
Lithuania 1
Norway 1
Malta 1
Finland 1
Total 224
Authority/Government 94
Professional organisation 33
Consulting 22
NGO 22
Producers 16
Company 13
University 6
Freelancer 1
Total 207